🚚 NEMOKAMAS PRISTATYMAS Nuo 35 € 🔥LpExpress,Omniva,DPD,Venipak

In order to effectively use the bathmate range of pumps, it is important to have a smooth area where the pump seals to the body. If Krepšelyje is too much hair in that area, the pump will ne create a proper seal, making it difficult to create a vacuum inside the vessel. It is recommended for men to manscape in order to achieve the best results. The Nauja Trim included in the kit makes it easy to know the ideal length of pubic hair for a great seal. The precision trimmer with adjustable guide combs is designed to make manscaping easier, especially in tighter areas. The Trim can be used all over the body and is USB rechargeable, tested extensively, and comes with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.


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