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Abstaining from sexual activity can increase excitement levels significantly. When you finally satisfy your urges, it will feel more intense than ever before! Lock-a-Willy securely locks a man’s ‘willy’ with a gentle and secure device equipped with a number lock. With this device in place, intercourse and masturbation are no longer options. For an added twist, you can entrust the key to your partner, heightening the sense of mutual devotion. Surrendering control of your love life intensifies the bond between you. Watch as anticipation builds each day until he is finally freed! The Lock-a-Willy kit includes an adjustment set for a perfect and comfortable fit. This design allows for easy bathing, using the restroom, and maintaining hygiene. Box contents: – Lock-a-Willy device – Three-size adjustment kit (fits all sizes) – Connector strings – Number lock – 6 plastic locks.


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