Zini Moonrise is a breast massager generating various waves of vibration to improve blood circulation of the breasts Krepšelyjeby reducing tensions in the breast tissues caused by PMS symptoms and improving the breast contour in a beautiful and healthy way. Product specification – Material main body (breast pad): body safe silicone – Material controller: ABS – Vibration mode: 7 rhythmical modes/7 speed levels – Maximum noise: 50dB – Battery type main body: Li-Polymer battery – Battery controller: mercury cell (CR2032) – Recharging time: 2 hours – Operation time: 2 hours – Product size: 28 cm x 6,5 cm The product comes with a flexible connection link in the center to facilitate easy adjustment of the width of the product, making it suitable for all breast sizes. Package includes: – Main body (breast pad) – Wireless controller – Charger (USB cable) – Storage sachet – User manual & authenticity card