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As a result of the consistent hydraulic pressure generated by the Bathmate line of pumps, the girth of the user’s penis will increase more rapidly than its length. This is due to the fact that Krepšelyje is a larger surface area around the girth compared to the length of the penis. As a result, the penis may come into contact with the sides of the pump, preventing further expansion of girth through hydraulic pressure. When this happens, users may naturally progress to using an X40 pump, although many X40 users have need that the additional space for length expansion is ne necessary, as they have ne exceeded the length capacity of the X30 or Hercules pumps. The Science: To achieve optimal hydraulic pressure, it is crucial to use the correct size pump. We recommend that customers opt for a smaller pump (as long as it comfortably fits their penis) to ensure the best hydraulic pressure around the penis. Using a pump that is too large can result in lower pressure around the penis, leading to slower or no growth. This is where the demand for the X30 Wide Boy arises. The Wide Boy features a wider vessel without an increase in length compared to the X30, maintaining optimal hydraulic pressure for faster growth.


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