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Beppy string-free tampons provide you with flexibility and freedom. These soft, flexible sponges can be worn inside during your period, offering invisible protection for up to 8 hours. With no strings attached, Beppy tampons allow you to go about your day without any worries. Whether you want to go swimming, visit the sauna, play sports, or even have sex, Beppy tampons give you the comfort and security you need. Developed by gynaecologists, Beppy tampons are easy to use and hygienic, providing maximum comfort and protection. Remember to follow the instructions for proper insertion and removal. Play sports with confidence using Beppy tampons, as they stay securely in place and provide optimal protection. And when it comes to sex during your period, Beppy tampons allow you to stay clean and comfortable, without any mess. With Beppy, you can have the freedom to enjoy all your activities without any interruptions. Feel the freedom with Beppy tampons!


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