The DOXY Number 3 is the Nauja smaller plug-in wand massager from DOXY. DOXY Number 3 is lighter to hold and easier to manoeuvre. The smaller head allows the user to guide the vibrations more accurately to the desired area of contact and is less obtrusive making for easier couple play. Although smaller in size, DOXY Number 3 still delivers the power and deep rumbly vibrations for which DOXY is known. – Plug-in power for extra rumbly vibrations – Compatible with worldwide voltages – Manufactured from body safe materials – Solid metal body (aluminium/titanium alloy) – Silicone head unscrews for cleaning and attachments – Long power cord (3 metres) – LED lit buttons – Pulse mode (turn the unit on by pressing power button for 3 seconds before releasing – vary pulse using plus and minus buttons) – Great for couple or solo play – 12 month warranty – Gift box packaging (perfect for storage) – Made in UK – ne waterproof – Body length: 28 cm – Head diameter: 4,5 cm – Weight: 350 g EU-plug.


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