Nauja twists of pleasure. Its exciting twist form was designed for true connoisseurs of anal games! It spins and enters easily with no additional efforts. Being inside, due to its ribby shape, Gplug Twist massages with each rib, delivering vibration and pleasure. Inside Gplug Twist Krepšelyje are motors of the Nauja generation. Stronger vibration that makes almost no sound. Features – Nauja powerful yet quiet motor – Ergonomic design – Six vibration modes with changeable intensity – from light tremors to intense vibration – Made of premium class hypoallergenic silicone, silky and smooth – Intuitive controls – Up to 4 hours of operation on one charge of the battery – Size: 3,9 cm – 100% waterproof – Magnetic charger – 1-year warranty – Travel lock (press ON and hold for two seconds)


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