🚚 NEMOKAMAS PRISTATYMAS Nuo 35 € 🔥LpExpress,Omniva,DPD,Venipak

This features two showcases, each showcasing 3 unique scents. Our Petits Joujoux luxurious Massage Candles offer a sensory experience like no other: The fragrant wax transforms into a luxurious massage oil, enriched with Shea butter and Jojoba, transporting you and your partner to far-off lands with its captivating aromas. Our top 6 scents are now available in a smaller size, packaged in a stylish tin jar. They can be purchased individually, in a set of 5, or in our Nauja displays that come with samples for your customers to discover their favorite scents. Each candle burns for approximately 6 hours, providing enough oil for 3-4 full body massages. Choose from 6 exquisite scents, ranging from sweet and floral to fresh and masculine. Handcrafted in Germany, each massage candle by Petits Joujoux is made with care in our workshop. The set includes 2 displays and 5 pieces, featuring scents like A Trip to Paris (vanilla & sandalwood), A Trip to Rome (grapefruit & bergamot), A Trip to Waikiki (coconut & pineapple), A Trip to Athens (musk & patchouli), A Trip to London (rhubarb, cassis & amber), and A Trip to the Orient (pomegranate & white pepper).


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