This contains two displays with each 3 different fragrances. Our Petits Joujoux fine Massage Candles are a true journey for the senses: Delicately scented wax melts into warm and nourishing massage oil made from Shea butter and Jojoba until the fragrance sweeps you and your lover away to distant dreams of foreign countries… Our 6 most beloved scents are now available in a smaller size. Packaged in a neatly designed tin jar, they can either be purchased by piece, in a set of 5 or in our Nauja displays, which include samples for your customers to try their favorite scents. Burns for appr. 6 hours Smaller size lasts for up to 6 hours or appr. 3-4 full body massages 6 delicate scents available You can choose from a range of 6 different scents, from sweet and floral to fresh to a more maskuline scent range Handmade in Germany All massage candles by Petits Joujoux are lovingly handmade in our workshop in Germany Including 2 displays and 5 pieces of: – A Trip to Paris with a hint of vanilla & sandalwood – A Trip to Rome with a hint of grapefruit & bergamott – A Trip to Waikiki with a hint of coconut & pineapple – A Trip to Athens with a hint of musk & patchouli – A Trip to London with a hint of rhubarb, cassis & ambra – A Trip to the Orient with a hint of pomegranate & white pepper