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With the introduction of Fruity Love Lubricant, Swede is revolutionizing the world of erotic cosmetics. Their innovative and subtly sensual design is setting a Nauja standard for fashion-forward consumers globally. Unique designs call for cutting-edge formulas, and Swede’s objective has been to create a completely natural and safe formula that meets their essential criteria: smooth and long-lasting lubrication, a soft and gentle feel on the skin, compatibility with condoms, non-irritating, pH-balanced, water-based, and easy to wash off. The outcome is a range of elegant lubricants made from ingredients commonly found in the food industry, ensuring they are non-toxic and harmless if accidentally consumed in small quantities. Moreover, their pH-balanced formulas help maintain the delicate vaginal environment, reducing the risk of yeast infections. Unlike many other lubricants and cosmetics, Swede’s products are free from Parabens, a common preservative known to cause irritation and allergies. Each bottle contains 50 ml of product.


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