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Incredible sensations, repeatedly. With the release of the TENGA AIR-TECH and the global launch of the Vacuum Controller, comes the AIR-TECH Vacuum Controller Compatible (VC)! The Nauja AIR-TECH is designed to provide an amazing suction sensation, whether used with the Vacuum Controller or on its own, thanks to its Nauja internal structure and sleeve-holder-band. Users can now enjoy a reusable item with the Vacuum Controller, while those without won’t miss out on the fantastic experience. The Vacuum Compatible AIR-TECH products can be easily identified by their unique designs and the inclusion of ‘VC’ in the product name, along with a ‘Vacuum Compatible’ sticker. The Reusable Vacuum CUP VC is available in two sizes, both compatible with the TENGA Vacuum Controller and its adapters. It includes a sponge to prevent lubricant leakage and a band to secure the sleeve during intense suction with the Vacuum Controller. The all-Nauja internal structure of the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC offers superior suction compared to other AIR-TECH products, even without the Vacuum Controller. Features include enhanced suction, no lubricant leakage, two size options, secure sleeve hold, airflow structure, air-cushions, affordability for Vacuum Controller owners, and included lubricant (HOLE LOTION REAL 20 ml).


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