The Charged BigO is an entry level, rechargeable cock ring with a powerful, compact motor that delivers three speeds of vibration, plus bonus pulsation, with a quieter sound. The stretchy, textured cock ring holds it firmly in place so that both partners can enjoy the enhanced experience that the Charged BigO brings. The included USB charge cable inserts easily and holds firmly, and the motor delivers 60+ minutes of vibrations on a single charge. Made entirely of lab-tested, bodysafe SEBS and ABS plastic, the Charged BigO provides both erection enhancement and clitoral stimulation, helping couples enjoy a mutually fun and satisfying experience! – Rechargeable vibrating cock ring – 3 Speed motor with bonus pulsation – Stretchy ring made from body-safe SEBS – 60+ Minutes of vibration on a single charge – USB charge cable included – Battery type used: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer – Battery Life: 60+ minutes on highest setting – Material: ABS Plastic and Body-Safe SEBS – Product Type: Rechargeable Vibrating Ring – Functions: 3-speeds plus pulsation – One Size Fits Most – Latex + phthalate free


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