The Affordable Rechargeable moove Remote is a remote-controlled vibrator with a rounded head and bendable neck that has just enough maneuverability for firm yet flexible pressure, following your every curve for optimal stimulation and comfort wherever it massages.The powerful Positive motor, with its twenty FUNctions (including ten steady speeds) can be controlled with or without the remote control, providing deep, rumbly fun with or without a partner. The remote lets you toggle forwards or back through the settings and works from up to forty feet away. The moove gets 60+ minutes of vibration on a single charge, has a safer Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, and a 2-year limited warranty, making it both a great vibrator and a great value for those looking to indulge. – Rechargeable flexible remote-controlled vibrator – 20 FUNctions of deep, rumbling vibration – Remote toggles forwards or back through functions – Bends for firm yet flexible pressure – Made from lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone – Battery type used: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer – Battery Life: 60+ minutes on highest setting – Material: True Silicone – Product Type: Rechargeable Vibrator with Remote Control – Functions: 20 Functions – Latex + phthalate free – Water Proof – Wireless


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