🚚 NEMOKAMAS PRISTATYMAS Nuo 35 € 🔥LpExpress,Omniva,DPD,Venipak

Perforator for men and couples. Provides a lot of pleasure and after a short time gives a strong, enjoyable orgasm.

Perfect addition to your collection, will give you joy and fun if you share it with your loved one. Don’t have one? Then you now have a great way to spend time before meeting her.

The soft sleeve easily stretches around your manhood and creates a firm but soft vibrating tube. Then just turn on the vibration with Monkey Spanker, change the strokes according to your mood.

Slow and gentle pleasure or fast and strong engagement with vibration will be even more delicious than before! Monkey Spanker is a great tool for breathtaking orgasms! Try it!

How to use it:

1. Apply lube

2. Turn on the vibration

3. Slide it over the shaft

4. Enjoy, baby!

3 toys in one:

Men’s vibrator
Vibrating stroke
Vibrating sex

Monkey Spanker Vibro
three vibrator battery kits
Removable vibration block


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